Climarelle® Thermo

Relaxing, deep warmth with Natural Minerals

Climarelle® Thermo – the new functional fibre with embedded natural minerals. For a sleep experience with a new feeling of warmth.
Heat radiated by the body is reflected back by natural minerals for a relaxing deep warming effect.
Climarelle® Thermo is:
- Cosy
- Soft and thermo-regulating
- Long-lasting comfort

Infrared technology

Natural minerals in the fibre convert body heat into infrared energy and reflect it back to the body. Standard, hollow fibre duvets provide insulation by trapping warm air to reduce the loss of body heat. As well as this classic insulation effect, Climarelle® Thermo generates an additional and relaxing deep warming effect thanks to far infrared waves.



The Climarelle® Thermo effect has been confirmed by independent tests. 

The effectiveness of Climarelle® Thermo has been tested and certified by the independent Centexbel Institute (Belgium) in two test protocols.
- Thermal effect on contact with skin (thermography test)
- Warmth provided by reflection of long-wave infrared rays