Allergy-friendly fibers against dust mites

Nearly 40 percent of all adults in Germany suffer once or twice in the course of their lives from an allergy related illness. This means that nearly every second or third adult carries some sort of allergic risk. Tested by French allergists and doctors from the ARCAA (Association for Research in Allergy and Clinical Asthmology) Allerban® fiber fillings as protection against dust mites has been awarded the "Allergen Controlled" label (approved by the HQE-A - high eco-quality for allergy sufferers.) This certificate is also valid in Germany; it can be used and applies to Allerban® fibers with protection against dust mites, fungi and bacteria. The products include Hollofil® Allerban®, Comforel® Allerban® and Quallofil® Allerban® for duvets, pillows and mattresses.

"The ARCAA confirm the effectiveness of the Allerban® fillings with regard to their efficiency against dust mites and microbes, as well as the safety regulations for persons suffering from a dust mite allergy. With the help of this label, doctors and allergists can recommend the right and safe selection of bedding to their patients," says Dr. Isabelle Bossé, the president of ARCAA.

Furthermore, ADVANSA also offers a second allergy-friendly fiber. Hollofil® Nature Protect has been equipped with an organically farmed natural finish (margosa plant extract) that imparts a natural protection against dust mites (registered in compliance with attachment 1 of the Biocidal Products Directive.) TEC France, the renowned and EU accredited test institute, has certified that even after being washed ten times, these fibers are 100 percent effective in accordance with the NF standards.