Climarelle® Thermo – The fiber for natural, deep cozy warmth

The insulation properties of classical duvets provide warmth. They reduce the dissipation of body heat and help prevent the loss of warmth. In contrast, Climarelle® Thermo duvets provide deep cozy and relaxing warmth in addition to the traditional insulation effect. This is achieved by using a combination of functional fibers with natural minerals and a fluffy fiber worked into the outer cover. This fusion of function and comfort provides deep cozy warmth and a balanced microclimate in bed. The body emits radiation heat in the form of long wave infrared radiation. The minerals worked into the fibers can reflect this radiation heat and return it to the body. Centexbel, the Belgian textile research center, tested and certified the effectiveness of Climarelle® Thermo in two testing procedures. They performed thermographic tests in which the test person placed their lower arm on a fiber fleece sample and removed it after two minutes. Subsequent infrared measurements revealed that the Climarelle® Thermo temperature was 0.7 °C higher than with standard fiber samples. They also simulated warming through the reflection of long wave infrared radiation (FIR). In this case they examined the rise in the surface temperature of the two fiber samples exposed to a source of light. This test revealed that Climarelle® Thermo warms up about 30 percent faster than standard fiber fleece.

Climarelle® Thermo therefore offers an exceptional sleep experience with a new feeling of warmth, complementing ADVANSA's range of thermo regulating products.