New polyester fibre for sustainable bedding while preventing ocean & beach plastic.

Social & sustainable

ADVANSA has been pursuing an extensive sustainability strategy for many years. Through our cooperation with Plastic Bank, we are one step closer to a clean ocean.

Simultaneously Social Plastic® helps people living in poverty to build a better future for themselves and their families. Collected plastic can be exchanged by local residents for rewards such as cash, school tuition, healthcare, and insurance or as Blockchain-secured digital tokens increasing their income and providing better opportunities for themselves and their families.

Environmentally Friendly Sleep

The feel-good fibres that help to keep our oceans clean
- Exceptionally comfortable

- Well-balanced microclimate

- keeps its shape

- The filling fibres in this product are made using recycled plastic from Plastic Bank, globally recognised as one of the most important solutions to stop ocean plastic.

- At the same time it helps people living in poverty to build a better future.

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