A combination of enhanced sleep comfort and ease of care. The new generation of hygienic fibre filling.

washability as the most important purchase criterion

Washability – a core consumer need

In a European consumer survey* for bedding, 44% of participants confirmed that they regard washability as the most important purchase criterion.

* Institut für Marketingberatung, Dortmund 2016

higher bulk

Comparative test* Bulk values

The new DACRON® 95° has 14% higher bulk volume after washing compared to the previous DACRON® 95° version.


*ADVANSA laboratory test 2017

Fast Drying

Comparative test* Drying

Dries significantly faster after washing. After 30 minutes in the dryer, new DACRON® 95 only retains 33% of the water absorbed; whereas standard polyester retains more than half (57%.)

The new DACRON® 95 dries almost twice as fast as standard polyester.


*ADVANSA laboratory test 2017