Commitment to sustainability

Sustainability has been one of the central components of ADVANSA's business policy for many years. New research and studies have revealed that the efforts in the production as well as in product development justify the financial and organizational effort involved. This applies to the company’s reduction of energy consumption, the use of renewable resources, the minimization of water consumption, the avoidance of potentially dangerous substances and the reduction of waste.

The current Life Cycle analysis of the TNO, a renowned and independent research institute in Utrecht, has reconfirmed the eco-friendliness of the ADVANSA filling-fibers from sustainable fiber production (recycling.) These have approximately 80 percent less CO2 emissions than fibers from standard production.

A further example is the EU Ecolabel certification. The fibers also fulfilled the new, stricter certification criteria of the European institutions responsible for awarding the eco-label in all points.

ADVANSA brand fibers that are particularly environmentally friendly in the form of a product and, or, in the production are additionally given the ECO2 label. This label gives consumers the opportunity to select environmentally friendly products without compromises regarding performance or comfort.